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Communication with Al Fursan Al Mumayaz for renting a car is vital to ensure that you get the right car at the best prices and additional services, inquire about terms and conditions, ensure that the car is ready, and learn about maintenance and insurance policies for an excellent and safe rental experience.

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Medina Road, Al Salamah, Jeddah

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Jeddah - Al-Nuzha District - Prince Majed Road
Mobile number: 0562062379

جدة – السليمانية – طريق الملك عبدالله
رقم الجوال : 0569835390

مكة – حي النزهة – شارع حسين بن عرب

رقم الجوال : 0562643157

Jeddah - Bani Malik District - Palestine Street
Mobile number: 0546355762

Jeddah - Al-Baghdadiyah Al-Gharbia District - Madinah Descending Road
Mobile number: 0562019397

الرياض – حي العقيق – شارع الامام سعود بن فيصل 

رقم الجوال : 0545077823

Jeddah - Al-Salamah District - Madinah Descending Road
Mobile number: 0543192376

Jeddah - Al-Salamah District - Tariq Bin Musa Street
Mobile number: 0543865260

الرياض – حي خريص –  حي الملك عبدالعزيز

رقم الجوال : 0545077649

جدة – الحمدانية

رقم الجوال : 0545345812


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