Alfursan Services


Immediate rental

We provide our customers with the service of immediate rental with the highest standards and convenience, which facilitates their car pick-up procedures as quickly as possible


Leasing to companies and institutions

We offer companies and institutions this service independently and distinctly, including maintenance, insurance, car replacement and other additional services As needed


Renting with a driver

We provide our customers with the service of renting with a driver, with the highest standards and convenience, which ensures their comfort in the vehicle as quickly as possible

Renting to government agencies

We always strive to develop and innovate solutions that are more responsive to the requirements of government agencies for short and long term leasing.

Car operating lease

Annual contract car rental for companies, entities, government agencies, and other sectors, inclusive of maintenance, insurance, replacement vehicles, and necessary services during the contract period.

Everything related to cars is our responsibility. 

We have a specialized team and extensive experience in providing this service in a distinctive manner.

Our motto is speed of performance, quality of work, and continuous development for excellence.

Providing the necessary fleet needed by companies, government agencies, and all other sectors in exchange for monthly rent only, leading to liquidity, cost, and time savings.

1- Contract period: Operating lease rental periods range from 1 year to 5 years.

2- Insurance: Comprehensive insurance during the contract period for the leased cars.

3- Maintenance: Providing the hassle of maintenance and saving the costs associated with managing the cars.

4- Replacement cars: A replacement car in case of malfunctions or accidents.

5- Customer satisfaction: We work constantly to maintain good communication and continuous development that meets customer expectations.

6- Fixed monthly rent throughout the contract period.

Long-term leasing for individuals

Multiple options for the duration (monthly - yearly)
The service fee is fixed through monthly payments and is comprehensive
Privileges and services.
We take care of all required maintenance procedures, insurance and all services
Additional provided.
The recipient of this service gets a replacement car in case of accidents
God's destiny or circumstances require it.
Comprehensive car insurance.
A certain number of permitted kilometers is agreed upon.
ً تكون رسوم الايجار ثابتة و تدفع عن طريق دفعة أولية مقدما،
Then followed by monthly payments for the duration of the contract.
The endurance premium in case of accidents according to the terms of the insurance policy.
Applying the terms and conditions of Al-Fursan Al-Mumayaz Company

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